Controle seu exército de fofinhos azuis contra os inimigos!

Torre inimiga

Leve seu exército para destruir a torre inimiga e conquistar a gema vermelha!
Ajude Blu a resgatar os fofinhos!

The cuddly are a united and completely peaceful people today, but all this peace was built upon wars to conquer the legendary gems of colors. Help your Cutes to conquer the enemy gem.

Ludum Dare 43 Results:
Overall: 24th (4.22 average from 43 ratings)
Fun: 85th (3.905 average from 44 ratings)
Innovation: 347th (3.369 average from 44 ratings)
Theme: 487th (3.512 average from 44 ratings)
Graphics: 27th (4.558 average from 45 ratings)
Audio: 43rd (4.061 average from 43 ratings)
Humor: 130th (3.731 average from 41 ratings)
Mood: 180th (3.763 average from 42 ratings)